Green Projects: Services

As a full-service company, we undertake projects from public and private sectors from the initial design to their completion. Having acquired valuable experience and know-how, our qualified personnel is able to provide all of the following services, separately or as a full package.

Our company provides integrated green services by undertaking public and private projects, from the initial stage of design to delivery.
Thanks to the know-how and the many years of experience of our staff, we provide the following services either individually or as a complete package:


At the planning stage, our experienced team creates designs using CAD and 3D programs to visualize all landscape shaping elements from different angles.
 In this way, our architects offer the client a virtual tour of the project, having the ability to make any change he desires by simply adjusting the colors, plant groups, materials and different constructions.
Through our know-how and advanced technology, we are able to turn our imagination into reality and create a unique landscape just as our client has envisioned it.

Construction - Installation

Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology we possess, our company has the ability to construct all kinds of landscaping and hardscaping projects, whether building or infrastructure.
Always on the basis of optimal shaping - landscape redevelopment, upgrading of the uniqueness and aesthetics of the area, as well as the absolute satisfaction of our customers, we offer the following services:
• Planting of trees and bushes
• Installation of sod in open areas and ground fields
• Planting on roofs and walls
• Cultivation of organic products
• Hydro seeding (used to protect exposed sloping soils from erosion by water and wind)
• Installation of automatic irrigation systems

In addition, we are able to achieve symmetry between the outdoor environment and the housing developments or large business complexes, by offering our customers various options regarding hardscaping like:

• Walkways
• Driveways
• Patios
• Retaining walls
• Terraces

Last but not least, our staff has hands-on experience in making special constructions of:

• Pergolas
• Gazebos
• Bridges
• Ponds
• Waterfalls
• Fountains

Supply of Plants & Equipment

After thorough research and evaluation of the market, we are proud to cooperate with the most credible and prominent suppliers throughout Europe. Our principle is to develop sincere relationships with our suppliers characterized by mutual trust and respect and share similar visions and values. We believe that capable suppliers do not only offer competitive prices but they also ensure high quality, reliability and technical support concerning the management of guarantees and products sufficiency in times of shortages.

Consequently, we are able to meet even the most demanding needs of our customers by offering all of the following:

     – Trees (up to 15 meters in height)
     – Bushes

Furthermore, we can provide our customers with agricultural machinery such as:

• Clearing sows
• Lawnmowers
• Hedge trimmers and pruners
• Chain saws
• Mist Blowers
• Sprayers


Another field where our company takes action is maintenance of all landscaping and hardscaping projects.

A correct design and a solid construction of a project are a good start but unfortunately are not sufficient. The only way to achieve plants’ longest life span and optimum ornamental value is through maintenance services. Thanks to our well-trained personnel and our innovative equipment, we can guarantee excellent protection and conservation of the plants and trees as well as efficient irrigation management, always with respect to the environment.

Some specific services that we offer concerning maintenance are:

• Mowing
• Pruning
• Fertilization
• Pesticides apply
• Soil enrichment
• Renewal of all seasonal plants
• Check operation, programming and upgrade of the irrigation system

Provide Professional Advice

The principle of our company is to stand by its customers any time they need it.

Our rich knowledge and our long experience enable us to assist our clients not only at all stages of the project but also provide them with useful advice after its delivery. We are always at our customers’ disposal to listen to their concerns and queries, provide them with adequate information and make the most advantageous proposals.