Proklos in brief

PROKLOS is a company that provides innovative and high quality services.

Our core activities are the automated cleaning of solar parks, the de-icing of road networks, the landscaping & hardscaping projects and finally rock crushing services both for the Public and the Private Sector.

As far as the automated PV cleaning is concerned, we are the only company in Greece that possesses such specially designed equipment and state-of-the-art technology. It is worth mentioning that we have the ability to clean 1,5 - 2 MW in 10-12 hours using only one machine.

We have totally undertaken the cleaning of PV Stations with output over 6.000 MW, while annually we exceed 600 MW. 

In the field of snow removal services, we are proud to have successfully completed the de-icing of complex road networks in many Prefectures of Greece.

Last but not least, we have valuable experience in the area of rock crushing services (landscape formation and construction of background and widening of roads)