PV Cleaning: Description

PROKLOS GmbH is a company that specializes in the provision of innovative automated cleaning services of solar parks with the ultimate purpose of satisfying our customers’ needs in an efficient, safe, fast and completely environment-friendly way. 

Taking into consideration the need of the market to clean PV parks efficiently, quickly and at the lowest cost, we searched for solutions worldwide, evaluated all possible proposals and ended up with the most advantageous and competitive: specially designed equipment and innovative technology.

It is worth mentioning that we are the only company in Greece that possesses such specially designed equipment and state-of-the-art technology. In 10-12 hours, we have the ability to clean 1,5-2 MW using only one machine.

We have totally undertaken the cleaning of PV stations with output over 6.000 ΜW, while annually we exceed 600 ΜW.