PV Cleaning: We Use

PROKLOS GmbH is the only company that has the ability to guarantee excellent cleanliness, maximum energy output and long lasting effects using:

• Reciprocating motion mechanism, rather than rotary. Using that way, brushes are moving upside down removing immediately dust and accumulated dirt. Otherwise, cleaning systems using rotary movement could be ineffective and dangerous, due to the brushes’ movement, dust is moving to the right, increasing the possibility to scratch or crack the PV panels.

• Specially selected material for the brushes, tested under different conditions in order to avoid potential damage to the PV panel such as scratch or crack.

• Low-pressure cleaning that protects the module’s sensitive surface.

• Exclusively demineralized water. Unlike tap or rain water, demineralized water contains almost no dissolved solids and fouling materials. Due to the fact that it has low conductivity, water spots are completely avoided and PV surface is left spotless and streak free after rinsing. At the same time, demineralized water is environment friendly in terms of waste management and disposal.

• Specially designed equipment installed on the most powerful heavy duty vehicle, Mercedes Benz Unimog.