Rock Crushing : Description

Having in our possession state-of-the-art machinery of highly robust technology, we have the ability to offer rock crushing services needed for any technical project such as: road construction, repairs to road netwok, construction & repairs to ski slopes, tunelling engineering works and liquid & waste disposal projects. 

Unlike the common rock crushers, the FENDT PTH Crusher that we have, provides us with the ability to master the most difficult tasks in the most extreme working conditions, quickly, easily and economically, while maintaining highest quality. 

This high-performance loader-crusher offers us a series of advantages and more particularly it contributes to significant cost savings since it minimizes the transport costs and simultaneously gathers the crushed material. 

As a result, we can offer unique services of superior quality friendly to the environment, while at the same time we can keep the costs low. 
Respecting the National and European environmental legislative requirements concerning lower noise and carbon dioxide, Proklos GmbH has "green" equipment that contributes to productivity maximization while at the same time it ensures the protection of the environment.