Ski Resorts: Description

Proklos GmbH provides integrated pavement services on ski slopes. Our goal is always to achieve the best layering so that carving and snowboarding friends find everyday wide, well-lit slopes with a smooth surface of compact snow.

The proper layering creates homogeneous, hard layers of snow, giving greater resistance to use and temperature changes, thus contributing to the prolongation of the ski season.Our company has sophisticated casting machines, which are active for the best possible preparation of our faithful, always in the direction of their optimal configuration, as well as the absolute satisfaction of our customers. Thanks to our innovative equipment, we have the ability to offer optimal services, regardless of weather conditions.

In case of daily continuous snowfall, the screeds are activated for laying, taking first all the necessary safety measures. In this case, the movement of the machines is carried out very carefully with the guidance of the loyalty security team, after the partial blocking of the departments in question has been completed.