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Our values are an integral part of our corporate identity and culture and at the same time the most important key to our success.

They shape the way we work every day, they guide our behaviors and they create long term relationships based on cooperation and trust.


Quality plays a key role in all of our activities, transactions and relationships. One of our company’s most crucial principles is the trade/leasing of machinery and equipment and the provision of services that reflect superior specifications. Quality for us means completed projects that cover our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. Last but not least, we really support that quality is closely associated with the respect to the environment.

Responsibility – Consistency

All of our projects, partnerships and relationships indicate professionalism and commitment. On a daily basis we evaluate our activities, we set higher goals and we redefine our policy when necessary. Our top priority is to offer excellent services to our customers. To achieve this, we invest in our team’s constant training and continuous knowledge update.


We constantly seek for new challenges and opportunities, we learn about the latest trends and methods and try to implement them in response to the continuously changing environmental conditions in which our company acts. Our goal is development, innovation and progress.

Respect – Integrity

The relationships we create with our customers are based on respect, honesty and integrity. We pride ourselves on our ability to build strong relationships with our partners since we defend transparency, honesty and morality. Finally, we demonstrate respect and consistency to the environment. 

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