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Proklos in Brief

PROKLOS is a company that specializes in the Trade and Leasing of Machinery & Equipment for automated cleaning of solar parks and snow removal, while at the same time it has the capability to undertake the execution of relevant projects. 

With the acquisition of specially designed equipment for cleaning large photovoltaic parks, PROKLOS became the leading company in this sector not only in Greece but also worldwide. 

Since 2010, we cooperate exclusively with the Greek Company "PAIAN Ltd", by providing rental services of unique machinery and equipment regarding the automated PV cleaning and the de-icing of complex road networks in many Prefectures of Greece.

Today, "PAIAN Ltd", the only company in Greece that offers high quality automated PV cleaning services, has already undertaken the cleaning of PV stations with output over 3.500 ΜW, and the yearly output is estimated at 1.000 ΜW!

Thanks to the specially designed equipment and state-of-the-art technology we possess, we have the ability to clean 1,5-2 MW in only 10-12 hours, using only one machine, with the ultimate purpose of satisfying our customers’ needs in an efficient, safe, fast and completely environment-friendly way.

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