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Another area where our company acts is the Trade and Leasing of Machinery & Equipment for snow removal. All the vehicles we possess are UNIMOG which are designed and constructed to master every driving situation on the road, on the construction site or in extreme terrain. 

Since 2008, we offer leasing services of our snow removal vehicles to the Greek Company "PAIAN Ltd", while in 2013 we sold 5 machines.

Our vehicles are certified and follow the latest specifications and standards. They are all equipped with snowplough, snowcutter and salt spreader.  

In order to fulfill our long-term objective to enhance our company's positioning and optimize our services regarding the Trade and Leasing of Machinery & Equipment for snow removal, we keep our continuous effort to update our know-how, while at the same time we aim at improving our equipment through the acquisition of more sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology.

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